Thursday, December 27, 2007

How do they get "shoo" out of "whew"?

Phonetically speaking of course. Whew--pronounced like shoo or shoe? What with that? Does that mean that "what" is pronounced like "shot"?

As in: By the time I unwrapped Big Lloyd 2 and saw what God had wrought I was ready for a what, or perhaps several. But none of those sissy drinks like Lemon Drops. I want a jigger of Evan Williams. And then another.

Anyway, here we are (disregard the odd color correction--a bit too red) now:

Whew. Back on course, in my opinion at least.


Because when I saw the initial unwrap, I almost whit a brick. If you get my drift. And, actually, don't disregard the color correction. Look at this one, whot freehand while it was still on the easel, instead. It's a more accurate rendering.

If I can figure out the mouth (which I think I can--even if we are once again going to prostitute the very basis of the obscured box technique for the benefit of creating a marketable image), I think we are going to be okay.

For comparison purposes, here is where (where--like the woman who married Sonny Bono?) we were yesterday:

Lots of stuff going on, not the least of which is evening out the black checkerboard background, plus fixing the flat spot on the top of his head (square 2). Plus, obviously, whiting out his mouth.

Which, if pronounced "shiting out his mouth" (long "i", like they say it in England), would gather the attention of gastroenterologists everywhere.

Man, we are covering some ground tonight!


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