Monday, December 24, 2007

499--The Briefest of Theological Notes

For the record, I understand that I am, by and large, speaking to a bunch of heathen savages.

That said, and before I leave for midnight Mass (which starts at 11--odd, that--preceded by an hour of music), I would like to make a couple of notes:

First, much like the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition and the Time Magazine Man of the Year issue, never has more fuss been made about something that deserves less of it than the Radio City Rockettes. Now don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan. I've seen the Christmas Spectacular several times in person, once from maybe row two (albeit a bit to the right). And my beef is this: the notion of wholesome girls and dancing girls is, to a degree, counterintuitive. That may not be the right word, but I've got to take a shower and I'm rushing. Perhaps contradictory would be better.

Anyway, the point is, my preference for dancing girls is ... well, it ain't what the Rockettes are. I like them a bit hotter. And if you are over thirty, get the hell off the Kick Line. Step aside, man. (I'm, of course, using the word man in a non-gender-specific way here). One man's opinion. I could go on--I'd like to, in fact, just so there is no mistaking what my thoughts are here--but I have to take a shower.

Regarding the SISSE, never in the history of man has more fuss been made about a thing less fuss-worthy. The sad truth? It's all a load of public relations bullshit. Having slung my share in my day, I'm truthfully glad to be out of the profession.

Regarding the theological part, one of the basic concept of Xianity is that we attempt to be like Christ, as well as we can, given our imperfect selves. So I don't mind that I find myself with perhaps less money than I might like at the holidays. I've been painting every day for almost two thirds of a month and I know that when The Lord takes me to His bosom (if guys have a bosom, and if The Lord is a guy), the paintings I leave behind will dramatically increase in value and my children will be saved (if you think being rich is being saved).

So, at least in this one regard, I am like Christ.

St. Peter once said something along the lines of "Preach the Gospel always. Speak if necessary."

I have to take a shower.



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