Wednesday, January 23, 2008

UNDACTED--if that's the right word

I did like this previously redacted passage, so I'm sharing it with you out of context. Undacted, if you will.
My plan? After I hit "publish post", I'm going to pull up iTunes, put my L.P., Leah Siegel and Brandi Carlile setlist on repeat, turn it up loud, lock the door to my bedroom, go into the bathroom, lock the door to my bathroom, turn the lights out, eat a snake, and then sit, quietly, in the dark, speaking in low tones to my new [REDACTED].

Do you remember that scene in "Fatal Attraction" when they cut to Glenn Close lying in bed, turning the light on and off, over and over again? It's the moment in the movie when you realize she's completely nuts?

This would be something like that, I suppose.

And if I get thirsty? I'm drinking out of the toilet, my friend.
I loved how the "eat a snake" line just came at you out of left field. Made me laugh just typing it.

Ditto that whole toilet business.
What's the point of redacting something and then publishing a lot of it five minutes later in a separate post?
The point, my friends in the Greek Chorus (and welcome back, by the way), is that I don't mind people thinking I've lost my mind. What I mind is them thinking I've lost my mind and I am armed and dangerous. Two very different things.
Do you know what that snake thing reminded me of?
It reminded me of the way John Constable used to use red.
I understand what you are trying to get at. But it has nothing to do with that.
I know. But just sort of?
Yeah. Sort of.


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