Monday, February 11, 2008

BW Buffett and the Maps/Massle Curve

I'm painting The Warren Commission as a black and white painting. Here it is during the seventh inning stretch.

So far (what might rightly be called Day Two procedurally, although it is actually Day Three in real time because I fell a little behind), the total volume beneath my Maps/Massle curve is barely measurable. Were we engaged in real-time Maps/Massle measurement, I would be experiencing a slight blip right now, given my inability to adequately render what should be a black and white image.

Are you familiar with the Maps/Massle curve? It's a well-regarded scientific technique for measuring and illustrating general frustration during the course of a painting. I can't get into it now, but the term itself is a set of modified acronyms standing for, respectively: Me Am Penn State and Massive Self-Loathing.

Prediction: There is going to be hell to pay regarding what I can only assume will be significant dynamic disjunction between squares 10 and 11. In layman's terms, the question is "What the hell is the bottom of his nose doing way the hell up there?"
(Quick note to my daughter if you are reading this: The picture currently looks a lot like your Grandfather on your mother's side--who you barely knew. He had a nose that rode high on the upper lip. Less hair, if memory serves. Similar glasses.)
But I'm crossing that bridge when I come to it. Which will be Day Five (sometimes referred to as Christmas Day because it's the day we unwrap the thing).

Me? I'm dreaming of a black and white Christmas. You?


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