Monday, February 04, 2008

Be a Man

You might just as well man up and stop your whining now because I'm going to post pictures and accounts related to Big Blue's Super Bowl win for several more days.

First, here's David Tyree (what the hell he was even doing in the game at this juncture is still not clear to me), using his head to catch what I suggested in a previous post was the penultimate catch of the SB but was, in fact, the third to last.

Even more interesting is the other end of the matter--my boy Eli eluding the grasp of some really nasty guy playing for the Patriots.

Both images courtesy of Getty Images.

My question is this: does that Number 10 jersey just snap back into shape after a wash and dry? Or is it stretched out of shape for all eternity?

They should send it to the Hall. Along with my Schilling sock from Hallowe'en.


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