Friday, February 01, 2008

I Slept With Hillary

Alan Greenspan is done:

A couple of items regarding the above. First, the idea was to pair (or triplet, if you count the Warren Commission) Big Alan with Big Ben, which you've already seen. Thus the same treatment of the jacket shoulders, the similar approach to titling, etc.

What is different, and which I like, is that Big Alan is a bit looser than Big Ben. Barely a trace of thumbpainting (whereas Ben is covered with it, albeit to good effect).

Basically Big Alan is an all-thrown painting. Which is good for the soul. Mine, at least.

Finally, and here is where it gets interesting ... I suppose ... I mean, who really knows what interests you people.

Anyway, during the course of time in which I was painting Alan I was surprised at the number of women at the studio who remarked, in one manner or other, that they were kind of hot for the guy. Really.

So, seizing the initiative, I took the black felt-tip pen I had used to visually clarify some of the title type (by overlaying a thin black border on places where the color of the letters too closely matched the color of the top of Alan's head) and I wrote the following words along the line of his jaw, just to the right of his main jowl:
I Slept With Hillary
Can you see it?

It makes me smile, although I'm not sure whether it's a good idea going forward, a bad one, or the best fucking idea ever.

I'm counting votes.


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