Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This my brain on drugs, part two...

This is my brain on drugs ... again:

Or rather, perhaps more accurately, this is the actual making of a Guinness vanilla float (like a root beer float, but with the famous stout instead). Notice the italicization of the word "making." This by way of making a connection between the photo of the float and the fundamental purpose of The Year of Magical Painting--i.e. the depiction of the process of making paintings.
Warts and all.
Manoman, what good clean fun that float business was. My testing companions were of mixed opinions. Wyn drank all hers, then made another with some Belgian cassis beer (which, actually, was also pretty good, albeit pinkish). Chuck made a face like nothing you've ever seen. And some noises. I ended up drinking his.

Now, here's today's exercise:
  1. Look closely at the picture of the float.
  2. Now imagine filling the right side of the image (flush right, rag left, but not extending onto the image of the glass itself) with the words: "If I see that idiot Jim Cramer staring down the front of my blouse one more time I'm gonna freak out!"
  3. Now pretend that the glass is, in fact, the head of Erin Burnett.
If it helps, scroll down the the next post to see the resource photo.

This, by the way, is where we recently stood:

Disregard the hair. We're still working on that. Also, it looks like there's a bit of a goober coming out of her windward nostril That's gone now. And I've given her a slightly jauntier eyebrow. Cocked upward, if you will. Would this be the detail that makes the painting? TBD. An embodiment of the painting's Erin Burnett-ness. Definitely.

We are feeling sanguine. As we often do.


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