Friday, June 13, 2008

Big and Bigger

I don't usually paint two at a time, but in this situation I'm gonna take the notion for a spin.

Several items worth considering: a) I would like to generate some inventory for my upcoming show; b) the technique I will be using for The Annotated Bernanke will differ significantly from the technique I'll use for Big Bobby (see all below); c) I have barely set foot in the studio for a couple of weeks--almost unheard of for me--and now that I have some images I want to paint, let's get painting.

"The Annotated Bernanke" will be taken from this:

It will make a nice counterpoint to Big Ben (We're Totally Screwed) 1", which is here:

And finally, the first of my series of the Kennedy boys:

You know how they sometimes describe episodes of Law and Order as "ripped from the headlines?" In this case, the painting can be described as "ripped off the cover" of Vanity Fair. The first amendment is a wonderful thing.

The thing about Big Bobby is that I'm going to paint him using the obscured box variation, where I use the cardboard template. He's also going to be six by five, which, let me tell you, will be a welcome relief from the typical 4x5 dimensions of a Wall Street painting.

I can only assume, since you people are not idiots, that you watch Gossip Girl.

This is a promotional poster from a couple of months ago. I share this because the insertion of the F in the already-well-recognized OMG acronym created a bit of a stir. Good for them.

Anyway, all this said, given the dimensions and the fact that a lot of 4x5 paintings are titled "Big Maria" or "Big Something...", the urge to call my first Kennedy painting "Big Fucking Bobby" is palpable.
Come Watson. The game is afoot.
No shit, Sherlock. Let's get our asses to the studio.


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