Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sad news

Le Tour de Fromage est finis, mon ami.

Too much stuff going on. I apologize if this ruins your July, but that's the way it is. Priorities.

That said, the TdeF proper is going nicely. In addition to being a pretty interesting Tour, they are running a series of commercials under the banner of that are fun. The most recent one shows a series of bike crashes--some of which you can't believe anyone survived--with a voiceover that goes something like: "Next time you are in your car, going fifty or fiftyfive miles an hour, strip down to your underwear and throw yourself out the door. That's what crashing in the Tour de France is like."

Tomorrow we hit the Pyrenees. And that will begin the real sorting out. The wheat from the chaff. The women from the girls. The contenders from the pretenders. The green people from the blue.

I say this in reference to my theory that, as painters, we are all either green people or blue people. Much the way some people think guitarists are either Stratocaster people or Telecaster people. I'm a green person. So, I think, was Matisse--although he could fool you.

Case in point: Here are two paintings, one by Matisse, one a classic Raymond. See if you can tell who painted what...

And, just to get back on track, the bottom one, even though it doesn't appear to have a shred of green in it, is clearly a green picture. Likewise the top one, even though it's covered with blue.

I leave now for the studio. Talk amongst yourselves.


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