Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And a final birthday note...

Actually it probably won't be my last post. I like to post on my birthday. But this is a sad one, and I would have preferred not hearing about it on an otherwise relatively rosy day.

The news? The demise of The New York Sun, the paper which brought you this:

Now that, dear reader, was a moment.

Watching news on television is like eating shit with a soup spoon. So the death of every newspaper is cause for the bowing of the head, the making of the sign of the cross, the drinking of a couple of beers. I've done the first two, and I can assure you the third is only hours away (it is only 11:30 as we speak).

A couple of weeks ago I had the following email conversation with one of the Sun's editors regarding a photo of my Richard Fuld painting also appearing on the front page of the paper:
Me: Hi [Redacted]--Loved the shot. Twice on the cover of The Sun; now I can die in peace.
Him: G-d willing it won't be the last time you're on the cover of the paper. All the best...
Me: I know exactly what you mean. All the best to you...
What a bummer.


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