Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Cult of Apple--

Don't let the cult of Apple fool you.  Based on my experience, they are pieces of shit just as large as their comparable Dells.

Maybe my problem is that I'm at the bottom rung of the cult and don't fully understand how to unearth the magic.  I'm searching my brain for words like Thaytan--which is, as I understand it (and I don't), is what people like Tom Cruise are.  Maybe I'm thinking of Thandie Newton, although she's nothing like Tom Cruise.

The point is that, as I attempt to blog on my laptop--a cheap Mac, but one that is loaded with everything my desktop Mac has--the dynamics are completely different.  Photos loaded from the laptop won't blow up.  I get weird double spacing of the copy that I can't seem to get rid of.

The whole thing is unbelievably frustrating--particularly the blowing-up business.  Because, honestly, if you can't read the annotations what is the point?

Case in point, here's Big Hank at the end of Day 2:

In a perfect world it would be a bigger file.  But what can a soul do?


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