Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Who the hell are these people?

I just had a back and forth with an editor from ArtNet Magazine. In addition to being a magazine, it's a pretty comprehensive listing of what's happening in the art world. If you are a subscriber (I think), you can also access pricing information for a slew of international artists.

Anyway, I wondered if I was listed, so I went to the Rs, then to the Raymonds. And I am using the plural. Here is the list of Raymonds I found:
Alex Raymond (American, 1909-1956)
Alexandre Raymond
Carlos Raymond
Casimir Raymond (French, 1870)
E. Raymond
Elizabeth Raymond (American, 1904-1986)
F. Raymond
Francois Raymond (1880)
H. Raymond
Jean-Paul Raymond (French, 1948)
Kelsey Raymond (Canadian, 1926-2001)
Lilo Raymond (American, 1922)
Lodovico Raymond (Italian, 1825-1898)
Marie Raymond (French, 1908-1988)
Maurice Raymond (Canadian, 1912)
Robert Maurice Raymond (French)
Zizi Raymond (American)
I mean, who the hell are these people? And how come there are so many of them?


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