Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seasons Greetings

Looks a bit like Tony Bennett, doesn't he.

I like the title.

Actually I like the painting too. Back to the title, though, the alternative was "a shande for the goyim," but I thought it might be a little obscure. For the goys at least.

This, by the way, is your last opportunity (at least as offered by me) to offer a comment through Since you've waited so long, you now have to scroll through three or four pages to get to the post--although you can't miss it since there are three thumbnails of my paintings staring you in the face.

I, by the way, would put the number of TYOMB readers who have already taken the time to offer up their thoughts as exactly zero. This, I can tell you, really pisses me off. This, I can tell you, is how people like John McCain get elected. There are life lessons at work here--issues like friendship, loyalty, the support of the arts, the willingness to give back to a cause that has given you so very much. And a ton of other shit.

Consider yourself warned.

Addendum: If you can't think of an annotation, write "I am Spartacus."


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The New Benchmark.

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