Tuesday, February 24, 2009

14 days/14movies, Volume 2

Well, it's been six days and here's where we stand:
-The Wrestler
-Rachel Gets Married*
-Underworld 3
"Rachel" gets an asterisk because I have a limited tolerance for junkie/rehab humor these days and walked out after about half an hour. My bad--the talented Ms. Hathaway was already warming up for the cringe-inducing hijinks on which I decided to pass when I split. I snuck into Underworld because: a) it was right next door within the multi-plex and I knew it had only started about 15 minutes prior; b) I'm a sucker for vampire movies, although the Underworld series is a pretty substandard effort; and c) the memory of Kate Beckensale in her skin-tight, black rubber, death-dealer outfit haunts me to this day (even though she was, for purposes of U3, replaced by that British girl with the big lips from "Boston Legal.").

So what is that? Two and a half?

I'm trying to see "Slumdog Millionaire," but am having difficulties doing so. In the meantime, and barring a movie-viewing spasm, I would declare the 14d/14m initiative as a massive failure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a lurker, I am usually loathe to comment on your streams of thought. I am, however, compelled to point out that the woman who you refer to as "...that British girl with the big lips from "Boston Legal" is Rhona Mitra. A brief search for her in Google images will show you why you should discretely bow your head and gently pat your chest when you say her name !! -- Tom

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