Friday, February 20, 2009

14 days/14movies

It is entered here, for the record, that Mickey Rourke should win the Oscar for Best Actor. Today, God willing, I'm seeing Rachel Gets Married and then, after Howie's wife's birthday party at the PMC, Slumdog Millionaire. This gets me one in the bank, which is good because Sunday may be busy.

I'll have in-depth comments on the Marisa Tomei vs. Demi Moore, famous-somewhat-older-actress-plays-a-stripper question, but I can tell you right now that Ms. Tomei was vastly superior. That haunted, just-hanging-on look in her eyes was something. Ms. Moore, on the other hand, was just prancing around looking delighted with the shape of her quads. Nothing could have been less interesting.

Think positive thoughts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might enjoy the article in yesterday's Wall Street Journal about the long film tradition of actresses playing strippers and prostitutes. It includes a memorable exhange between Tomei and the director - - "I just don't have the knockers for this part." "If that's what you think, you haven't been to enough strip clubs."

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