Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The blue light was my baby... Volume 4

On a more positive note, I received this comment on my post titled "The Blue Light Was My Baby" from a reader named Zizille. The song she (and I) refer to is "Love in Vain."
Gosh. I listened to it last Sunday, four times in a row — how incredibly beautiful! Then I listened to it by Robert Johnson, and then I listened to Violin Concerto Nr. 3 by Paganini, played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and blessed the fact I lived in a world where such beauties could be heard.

However, I keep wondering about the blue and red lights. Maybe it is because I am a French native speaker... Anybody could explain what those lights stand for? Blue is the freedom she wants, red is his sorrow?... oping for an answer, should there be one :)
I do very much love stuff like this and just reading it makes my self-loathing diminish slightly.

Zizille, the painter's answer is that blue, being a cool color, recedes while red, being hot, comes to the front. Even though both lights are on the train, it emphasizes that she's leaving and he's staying. Maybe.


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