Monday, February 02, 2009

The Enumerated Thain

This is the almost finished version of "The Enumerated Thain." The title needs to be scrawled across the top, and it of course needs annotations.

For my annotated Wall Street series, this is a bit of a stylistic departure for two reasons. First, instead of being painting in my usual squirt and drip technique, I used the obscured box technique. Meaning that sometimes I paint box by box, using tape or newspaper to obscure the completed boxes while I then paint the next ones. Eventually you work your way around the canvas and end up with something like what you see above. "Cheerleader with Banana (Fallen Angel)", which is around here someplace, is a classic obscured box painting. The final result gives you a disjunctive viewing experience because things like eyebrows or the mouth or the rims of glasses never real line up box to box.

The plan is to title it "The Enumerated Thain" and annotate it by recapping his redecorating expenditures as line items. "Six wall sconces...$2,700", "Commode w/ legs... $35,000", etc.

The second departure is that the painting is small--two feet by two and a half. A much easier fit in a lot of rooms than my usual four by fives. Because it's smaller, it's also, I'm assuming, less expensive than my usual $25-30 grand. Feel free to make a bid.


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