Friday, February 06, 2009

On a light-hearted note...

Making art these days is such a grim endeavor. Dickensian on a number of levels. And I'm not talking the Broadway versions with the cute urchins who can, oddly, sing like ringing bells. I'm talking real Dickens. Why, just moments ago I read the words: "The art world is dead."

Who would write such a mean-spirited thing in a place where I, an artist, might see it? I think it was Alexandra Penney, ex-EIC of Glamour Magazine (maybe) who is posting on The Daily Beast about what it's like to be rich and then realize that all your money was invested in something called Madoff Securities International Limited.

Okay, that's a drag. But stop whining already and just fire the freaking maid. Don't be bringing the rest of us down.

Did you know there is a website called

This is the cat I live with. In the sink. I always thought it was just him.


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