Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Geithner Chronicles

Is this a scene the movie where Schwarzeneggar screams "Get on the choppa!"?

No. It's my still-problematic effort to paint Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. And, while I, deep down, believe that I should have started with a different resource photo, this is what it is. And it's moving in the right direction, so what do you do?

I'll tell you what you do. You look at this vintage Captain Beefheart poster.

Now, while you are holding this in your mind, I want to tell you that, lo these forty years later, I'm officially declaring the summer of 2009 as "The Summer of Love, Volume 2."

That said, the preliminary thinking here is that, watermark style, inscribed on the white background where, subsequently, the annotations will be written, will, in psychedelic lettering, be rendered the phrase "By the time we got to Woodstock we were half a million strong."
Man, that's a confusing sentence.
It is, a bit.
I think you should write "By the time I get to Phoenix, she'll be rising."
Not trippy enough. We're trying to invoke the spirit of the Summer of Love, not Glen Fucking Campbell.
Well, technically, the summer of love was not 1969. It was 1967.
Yeah. And that's when "By the Time I get to Phoenix" reached the #3 slot.
What's with you?
What do you mean?
Mr. Know-It-All. It get old, ya know?
Forget about it. When was Woodstock?
1969, you'll be pleased to note.
Well, that's something.
Get on the choppa!


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