Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Timothy, complete

Ahhh, victory. Or at least what passes for victory in these parts.


I mean, really. Two weeks ago I thought this was a disaster. A colossal piece of shit. I rolled it up, taped it shut and labeled it "Flawed Geithner." And now, honestly I couldn't be more pleased.

I mean, I don't usually get this pumped up, but I'm awfully fond of this painting. Awfully.

Surely you're familiar with the Harold Brodkey line that goes something like "To see her in sunlight was to see Marxism die"? Actually it goes exactly like that. But regardless, the point here is that you, dear reader, may be sitting in front of your computer, a shot of brandy in one hand and a nice fat cigar in the other, thinking to yourself something like "You know, he's right. That's a pretty nice painting."

But I'm looking at it in the flesh. In sunlight, if you will. And manomanoman, it is really something.

$35,000, in case you're curious.


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