Saturday, March 21, 2009

That boy could sure eat some beets--Volume who knows

I said I wasn't going to explain the whole beet business. But I will tell you this--if you dial those very words into the search box of the blog you can read more about me and beets than you could possibly imagine.

I leave now, my work done, for the Peter McManus Cafe. Then, later, to walk the dog. Then, presumably, to watch basketball. Then, ideally, to eat some General Tsao's Chicken from the walk-in/walk-out Chinese place in Chelsea that's right next to the dry cleaning establishment--the one where all the food tastes like dry cleaning? Then more basketball.

Then sleep. Wake up. Walk the dog. Read the paper. Walk the dog again. Go to the studio. Go to McManus. Walk the dog. Read the paper...

Etc., until Bobby and Michele get back.

This is me and the dog:

I'm the one on the right.

This is another version.

My theory was that I would put the camera on the floor and the dog and I would scrunch down so we could get our faces int the picture. Jake didn't seem to want to cooperate and shortly after this shot I abandoned the project.


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