Thursday, March 12, 2009

These r times that try men's souls--Volume 2

Which do you want first--the good news or the bad?

Good--I found a way into my backyard. I had to penetrate the basement to find a way, but I believe I have done so.

Bad--the cable guy is coming back on Tuesday.

Really the cable guy business could go either way on the good/bad scale. I mean, at least he's coming--so that's good. But Crikeys I don't like waiting until Tuesday.

Additional good news is that Wednesday is supposed to be 60 degrees. Fahrenheit. So I may debut "The American Investor" to the annotating public that very day.

Additional bad news is that I won't be in my posting groove for another week, roughly. In response to this, dear reader, I would urge you to keep your shirt on.


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