Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's in God's hands now, Volume 2

Actually it's no longer in God's hands. "The Enumerated Thain" arrived safely in Illinois this morning. I'm a bit sad, I suppose, to see it go.* I did take the opportunity, as I do with all my little buddies, to whisper something in its ear before sealing the box.
"Don't let anybody ever tell you you're not an important painting."
Me? I've got a big emotional lump just thinking about it.

* The phrase "I'm a bit sad, I suppose, to see it go" is one of those forward looking statements like the ones in financial press releases that the SEC makes companies add disclaimers about. The implication here being that who the hell knows if somebody is going to cough up any figure in excess of $6,500 to buy the damned thing. I know I would, but I'm unusual. Other people? Responsible business people with compromised 401ks to deal with? Who knows.


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