Thursday, February 26, 2009

And people say that I'm crazy?

Herewith an excerpt from my friend Lance's new blog:

so I'm eating lunch by myself (good thing) on my last day of work. it has finally hit me; a sense of relief. odd, I've never felt this way when leaving a job before...not even when I left augustino's or blimpie's or video maniacs or papacito's or...never mind!
I'm now looking forward to the future; the trail and whatever comes next. go get 'em lunatic. by the way, lunatic is the name jeff gross gave me way back in the day when my friends and I would go to Wichita Wings and Wichita Wind games and I would run around and get the crowd going. yes, I did that many times. lunatic lance. that was after the days of crazy george, obviously!
another by the way: it's not my intention to use this site for posting such personal insights as those mentioned above and below. just the facts ma'am. these are just warm ups intended to loosen up the crowd. this is the opening act. get ready for the headliner...the main event.
thanks to all who have influenced me and helped me along the way (in no particular order below)... I'm sure I'll miss people but I need to mention many because even if I don't hike the entire trail, and I darn well intend to, it has already been a life changing event and so many have helped me get to this point. this is a rambling list, enjoy:
kandra (super K means more to me and has influenced me more than anyone - thank you for being you. no matter what happens I believe we will always be the best and coolest.) sharon and larry (for everything), the dwires, mary lou and jack, vivian and robert/bob, lorraine & doug & shay, tbone/crash/tyler, matthew and wendy, mitch and shanna and their irish kid patty, bill & virginia (thanks for NYC, el parador, and everything else), heidi (like a rock), bill & ruby davis, gene & dodi anderson, ross wichman, gaz briney (it's French and a cobra, I think), jeff and di, curt and melissa (returns food all the time), russ michaels, ryan, double A & V (and the most adorable child in the world-tasker), g & m, david A (thanks for everything-I'll keep an eye out for rattlers, see you at mcsanchez in woodside), elvis presley, meat loaf, journey (with steve perry), the rooneys & chuck knoll & bill cowher & mike tomlin & all of the pittsburgh steelers (the best franchise in the history of professional sports - cowboys and yankees can kiss my very pale white butt), brad and his mother-in-law, wilmer and mary, rich and tawnita, thomas jacobs, duane cramer and crew, the fort hays rodio, fhsu championship basketball team from 1995/1996 , midget buffet, terry cutler, scott boomer, mike cooper, mrs. mastin, mr. tangeman, howard peters, the entire staff at peter mcmanus cafe (more below), carol, crazy stevie, the artist and philosopher - geoffrey raymond (look him up because he does some really cool stuff), bobby the grave digger, jimmy perez (I owe you a shot-and so much more), pierre (keep riding that bike), milton (it's okay to live with mom and dad, I did it), milton's dad (for dealing with milton), lisa the wine lady (good luck with the boys), sean carrol (my favorite Irishman. I think of you daily), joe and james murray (joe owes me money!!! haha), irish donald (tied with gary, mitch, and sean for hardest working man I know), heineken bill, tim the IT guy who doesn't like me, and so many others. PMC CREW: justin, jamo, rich casciato (the artist, look him up), johnny, erin, bruce, ryan, ally, lawrence, howie, edgar, Natasha, joe, mike z.
see you on the trail.

I like his opening use of the word "so" to establish the immediacy of the lunacy he's enacting. When that Irish poet--what's his name?--translated Beowulf a couple of years ago to much critical acclaim, he began the thing with a one word sentence: "So."

Seamus Haney is the guy, by the way.

Also worth noting is Lance's use, about thirty or forty lines down, of the phrase "the artist and philosopher" to describe me. This I'm comfortable with. He also misspelled Ali's (aka "Waitress #5") name, but that's not really that important because Lance, you see, has dropped out of corporate American and, literally, as I write, is placing one foot in front of the other somewhere near the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, somewhere near Atlanta, Georgia. His plan? Having left behind an extremely understanding wife, he is walking to Maine.

This came in yesterday:

you're recieving this message because at some point in my life you influenced me enough that I would feel guilty if I didn't tell you about my upcoming journey.
I am leaving tomorrow morning for the southern trail head of the Appalachian Trail; it's located just north of Atlanta, GA. I will begin my attempt to thru-hike the trail - from Georgia to Maine -sometime in the morning. it will be a difficult journey, only around 30% who start will finish, and it will take about 6 months to complete.
I will be updating a small website when I have cell coverage - for those who want to follow along.

think of me often.


I like his e.e.cummings-ish punctuation style.

In case you missed it, his blog is

To quote Vin Scelsa quoting David Frike:

Respect the Elders.
Embrace The New.
Encourage The Impractical and Improbable, Without Bias.

God Bless America. When do we eat?


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