Monday, March 23, 2009

Wow--the pagans are stoning me

St. Timothy, just for the record, was stoned to death by pagans.

This by way of introducing an anonymous comment I just received for my "McCain and Obama" post of November 4th.

Here, for reference, is the post:

McCain and Obama

Here are photos of "The Annotated McCain 2..." and "The Annotated Obama 2..." as of late this evening.

As usual with my political paintings, red markers are for Republicans; blue for Democrats; black for Independents.

Each is for sale for $15,000 although the set (which is cool) goes for $25,000.

Push "contact me" or email me at to make an offer.
And the comment was this:
who the fuck are they?

that looks nothing like obama, learns to paint!

and the pathetic meaning that you put into your paintings to make them seem deep, to target more 'intellectual people' is also pethetic

And then Dealbreaker says "St. Timothy" doesn't look "anything like The Geith."

A note on the anonymous comment and, tangentially, the Dealbreaker business:

First, I find it interesting that people, here in March, are reading my November posts.

Second, you can tell who they are because I wrote their last names across the top of the painting. But more to the point--and this is important--the whole idea of painting, as near as I can figure, is that you look at the people, ingest the information, digest it, and then extrude, if that's the right word, your version of the facts of the matter. On a baser note, it's like shitting. On a slightly higher plane, I think they both look like the men I was painting. I am, in fact, particularly fond of the Obama one. I was asked to paint the images by Metro Newspapers to coincide with Election Day. I asked them if they cared how they looked and they said no. So I decided that on Election Day itself, in fact the day BEFORE you learn if you're gonna be the President of the United States, you aren't all smiles and joy. The truth must be, you're exhausted. And helpless, because there's nothing left to do, other than cast your own vote.

That's why they look the way they do. As if, I should add, they need an excuse for looking the way they do. In fact, I particularly like how the Obama painting has a mask-like aspect. The implication being that he, not even yet president, was changing. Probably for the worse. And I'm a fan.

Third, regarding the matter of learning to paint: Hey, I'm learning on the job.

And fourth: I assume it's clear by now, but that's not ME doing the writing on these paintings. I write one annotation on each painting. On this particular McCain painting I think my comment was "Sarah Palin is like Lehman Brothers--the first big mistake." The rest of the content is provided by whosoever feels like grabbing a marker and having at it. (Truth in blogging caveat: sometimes I solicit comments via the internet. I then transcribe them, verbatim.)

And, just for the record, I think the Obama painting looks JUST like him. Just!

All this said, I love it when people weigh in vehemently. You go, girl (or guy--hard to tell).

And regarding Dealbreaker: I love Dealbreaker and they can say anything they want. Although I think "St. Timothy" looks JUST like Geithner. Just!


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