Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Annotated Citi, Volume 3

And I love a poem:
Pandit, you bandit
Your formulae suck.
You've screwed people's lives
I declare you a schmuck.
--Sean Bailey.
Wow. Thank you Mr. Bailey. Me? I love the internal rhyme on the first line and the Latin plural of "formula" appeals to me as well, especially when juxtaposed with the Yiddish slang (is "schmuck" Yiddish slang, or just Yiddish?) on the back end. Gives it a kind of hi/lo cultural tension. Eggheads with street cred--that kind of thing.

Someone should notify Tina Brown.

It should be noted that the opinions expressed on my paintings are not necessarily my own. It should also be noted that the one Citi employee who annotated the painting on the first day, a mere 25 or so feet smack in front of the front door of his employer's headquarters building, wrote "He inherited something that wasn't his fault."

So there you go.

It should further be noted that the Citi employee didn't actually write on the painting. He whispered what he wanted said and I waited until he left before transcribing it. He did come back later and confirmed that, while not a verbatim rendering, I had captured his statement's gist.

And my favorite comment so far (other than the Shea one)?
Greed will return!
It is only resting
Somebody should notify the boys at Phibro.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greed is good. Or, at least it is for Oliver Stone and Michael Douglas, who I am informed recently agreed to make "Wall Street 2," with Douglas reprising his role as Gordon Gekko. Details of the plot are sketchy, at this point, but suffice to say that "greed" will no doubt play a central role. So, clearly one annotator's comment is right on the money - greed is only resting!

9:50 AM  

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