Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's that phrase?

Maybe it's "Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then."

Anyway, this painting, from what one could call my paleolithic era, is in play.

It's good clean fun, the black background is richer than it appears in the shot, and somebody's trying to buy it for a pot of money. Oh, and did I tell you that hidden in the folds of his jowls are the words "I slept with Hillary." Which makes me smile.
So why are you blue?
I'm not blue. I'm pretty happy.
But there's something about your tone. What's the catch?
Wow, that's pretty perceptive.
I'm nothing if not.
Fine. The catch is this: I don't own the painting in question.
It's not your painting?
It's mine in the sense that I painted it. And it's mine in the sense that it's sitting rolled up in my studio right now. It's not mine in the sense that I sold it to one of my collectors. The Pacific Rim guy.
Is that a gay thing?
God, no. He lives in Thailand. It's part of the Pacific Rim.
Oh. Well then, why do you even care?
Well, I'm attempting to broker the deal. The buyer (alleged) approached me about my Vic Pandit painting but I think the 30K threw him off the scent a bit. So we ended up on the "What Fucking Bubble" painting.
That's how it's pronounced?
Hmmm. Never knew.
Can we move along here? I've got to go soon.
Can we get back to the painting?
Sure. So tell me, why are you so blue?
I guess it's like a party that you really want to go to but can't.
I can see that.
Plus, there's the question of the money.
I can see that too.


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