Friday, April 17, 2009

A moment of unusual clarity from Big Geoff

Somebody sent me an email last night. It read, in part:
Your Work on C-Span...
A youngster won second prize in the student cam contest. He used your work.
So I wrote C-Span:
Hello C-Span

I was told that one of the winners of your student video competition used me and my annotated Wall Street paintings as the subject of his or her video. Nothing could delight me more, and I'm wondering if you can point me towards the location of the video on your website. I tried poking around in some of the videos already but couldn't find anything. If it helps, I paint large portraits of people like Henry Paulson, Ben Bernanke, Richard Fuld, Alan Greenspan, etc., in a Jackson Pollock/Chuck Close fusion style. I then exhibit the paintings on the streets of the financial district and encourage the public to write comments on the surface of them with magic marker.

Thank you in advance for the consideration and congratulations on what appeared to be a wonderful student initiative.

Geoffrey Raymond
I could have done without the typo in the final paragraph, but what the hell. Anyway, C-Span writes back:
Hi Mr. Raymond,

Your work is now well know to those who have watched Chad Klitzman and Dustin Slade's StudentCam documentary, Bailout or Failout. Your subject matter fits perfectly in their documentary. You can watch Bailout or Failout on this section of our website -- Just scroll down to Second Prize Winners / High School and you will see their documentary directly underneath the High School title.
Me? I love stuff like this. The only downside, dear reader, is that I couldn't quite figure out how to imbed the actual video (C-Span ain't, apparently, U-Tube). But this is the link and you can find me, embroiled in a moment of unusual clarity, starting at about the 2:45 mark.
(you are going to have to cut it out and paste it into your browser. Sorry)
I offer my congratulations to Mssrs. Klitzman and Slade and must tell them (assuming that they are regular readers) that theirs is fine piece of work.


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