Thursday, April 09, 2009

Now THIS is interesting

At the expense of repeating myself, now THIS is interesting:

A painting executed by my new email buddy Dave Lane from, as near as I can tell, Liverpool. In England. As opposed to, say, Troy ... New York. Or Athens ... Georgia. Besides, the whole Liverpool thing fits nicely into the current Beatles thread here at TYOMP.

Liverpool aside, the painting was, as you can probably tell, annotated (WTF? I thought I was the only guy painting bigshots and letting people write on them) in Washington a couple of days after the Inauguration. And by Washington, I of course mean the District of Columbia. I haven't quite wrapped my head around what appears to be a watermark in the image, but I don't ask a lot of questions.

I just let the stuff flow over me.

For the record, this is my Election Day Barack (about which one TYOMP reader wrote, roughly, "It doesn't even look like him. Learn to paint):

Isn't the world a strange place? I'd bet my bottom dollar there's a Beatles lyric on this painting, but the closest I could come to finding one was "The coldest winter in almost 14 years could never change your mind." Rod Stewart, for the record, was born and raised in London.

And, as close readers know, I was in DC for the Inauguration and while it might not have been the coldest winter in almost 14 years, I'll be it was the coldest Inauguration in the last 14 presidential cycles.

I still get chills thinking about it.

NOTE: The coldest Inauguration on record was
Ronald Reagan's second, in 1985. It was 7 degrees at noon.


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