Thursday, April 02, 2009

Things you don't see everyday

This is something you don't see every day.

Damned nice reading, by the way. It makes me think about how substandard Jay Leno is, given his place on the continuum. And given the fact that NBC is giving him the ten to eleven hour five nights a week, how utterly substandard they have become. I hope it becomes an embarrassment for them, because it is an outrage.

This is another--Maurice Ravel playing Bolero.

It always makes me think of Katerina Witt dressed up as the Saint Pauli Girl.

And of course, there's this:

Lord have mercy.

One could argue, faced with what is obviously the beginning of our slide into irrelevance, that this represents the cultural zenith of the American Empire. Possibly the basketball/ballet scene that opens the West Side Story movie (and which has apparently been cut from the current version on Broadway), but more likely this one.

It makes my painting of Jackson Pollock ...

... titled "Black Jackson" and depicting the moment, seconds before he climbed into his Oldsmobile convertible on that fateful day in 1956, that he realized painting large-scale abstracts was, at that point, for him, a loser's game and that maybe he should try doing portraits instead.

Were I still in college I'd write my thesis on the Fred and Ginger Swing Time clip. And I promise you I could have rattled off twenty-five pages of reasonably cogent gobbledygook before I even got to the :44 mark (where Ginger stops acting surprised, hitches up her skirt and decides to really start dancing).


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