Monday, April 13, 2009

Into the breach

Once again, into the breach. Whatever that is.

I'll be on Wall Street today with St. Timothy, handing out pens and letting people say what they have to say. This, of course, is St. Tim:

There are those (legion, in truth) who feel this is not my finest moment. Me? I can't decide. I acknowledge that it doesn't particularly look like Big Tim, but is that really the point? I love--LOVE--everything below the eyes. And there's always that whole Picasso/Gertie Stein, "It doesn't look like me" business.

What I do know, however, is that I, personally, while thrilled with the whole halo/saint thing conceptually, am not thrilled with its execution. In the end, it should have been smaller. Or lower. I'm not sure which (and this is never a good sign).

My response to this is to (contrary to initial thinking) let people write stuff in the halo. I mean, Lord have mercy, I can't stand that swath of yellow. It's so clunky. To this end I'm armed with a brace of red pens. You want to write in the halo? You get red. Around the outside? Black. And, I've got one black pen with slightly larger nib, which I think will make for a more interesting image as well.

The hope is that the red pens in the orange space will visually diminish it. Or make it more interesting. I'm not sure which (and this is never a good sign).

Oh, and one more thing. I'm going to be interviewed by Korean Television.

I got this note a while back from one of their producers:
Dear Mr. Raymond

My name is [redacted], an associate producer at Seoul Broadcasting System in Korea.

SBS is one of 3 major TV broadcasting station companies that has networks that link all around the World.

For more information on SBS, please visit our company's English site.

is the weekend flagship documentary program which in viewed by 5 millions in average in Korea alone. We are currently producing one hour special documentary on World Financial Crisis and the road to the recovery.

We would like to request an interview with you on your blog and your paintings of CEOs of finance companies.

It is an on-camera interview and will take about 45-1 hour.
I'm looking forward to being the hottest thing in Seoul for my designated fifteen minutes. I'll let you know how it goes. I am also wondering if I'll be able to hit the producer up for a hotdog and a Snapple. I think MSNBC holds the record for buying me stuff--two slices of pizza (from My Daddy's Pizza behind Goldman Sachs) and two Snapples.

It's supposed to be 56 degrees. You can, should you be looking (and really, why would you be?), find me across from the Stock Exchange.


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