Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Woman (Blue and Yellow)" by Marilee Scott

I thought it might be worth just popping up the complete image of Marilee's painting:

It's about 16" by 20" and I bought it at a fundraiser at the Brooklyn Artists Gym. It's one of my favorite paintings. Ms. Scott tells me it's about menstrual pain and that it's a self-portrait. I think.

Me? There's a reason she added the parenthetical phrase to the title. I love the two colors in question, even though I think the blue is really totally packed with pthalo green. Of course, I think everything is green. As a painter, as I've reminded you many times, you are either a green guy or a blue guy. I'm a green guy.

This girl, by the way, is a wonderful painter. You can see all her stuff on her blog. You should buy something.


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