Sunday, July 19, 2009

There's no crying, as they say, in baseball

I refer, of course, in the largest sense, to sentiment in sports. And here, on this day when rooters for Tom Watson watch him hang in there against the younger generation, I refer specifically to Alberto Contador downshifting to second about 4K from the top of Stage 15 and pulling away from Lance Armstrong the way Armstrong pulled away from Jan Ulrich at the top of L'Alpe d'Huez in 2001.

At least Contador had the decency of not turning around and challenging Lance's manhood the way Armstrong did with what is now called "The Look."

Legend has it that about half way through the Ali/Foreman fight in Zaire (now called the Democratic Republic of the Congo), after Foreman had largely spent himself, Ali whispered "Is that all you got?" Foreman, at that moment, knew he was toast.

The Tour de France is, as they say, a vicious cycle.

Anybody who saw Contador pull away from Armstrong earlier in the month in the Pyrenees who held onto the hope that Armstrong would win the Tour was just fooling themselves. Barring accident or injury, le Tour est finis.


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