Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And now let's get serious

To be banged out in rapid succession...

Big Maggie, for the hospital.

Gordon Brown, for disenfranchised Brits everywhere. I better do it quick since it seems likely he won't survive next year's election.

Ken Lewis. Some thought to calling it "John Thain Says You're Lying..."

Actually, the entire title is thought to be something along the lines of:
John Thain says you're lying.
He's lying.
He says you are.
You ever see his office? 1.2 million and it looks like a French whorehouse. You gonna believe him?
Something like that.

And then there's this one:

I don't usually do duets, but I'm casting about for something to paint for the anniversary of the Federal destruction of Lehman Brothers and this image kind of sticks with me. The title here might be: "Let's just let the goddam thing blow up and see what happens."

Come Watson! The game is afoot.


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