Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bad news for the Republicans/I'm getting a new bed

Remember when all you could think about was owning an AGA stove? The notion still haunts me, even though I have neither the home in which to put it nor the roughly 20 grand it would cost to buy, say, this one:

But that's all behind me now. Now all I can think about is owning a Hastens bed:

This, the middle-of-the-line version, only costs $14,600 (sheets and stuff not included). Which is a slap in the head, no question about it. But I do have a bedroom. And a man has to sleep. The 14K remains salient, as regards my general financial concerns, but if you figure I spend maybe three hours a day eating but eight or nine sleeping, then it makes perfect sense when compared to the stove. Besides, if history has taught us anything ... well, you draw your own conclusions.

Which brings me to the notion of the socialization of the United States by the Great Satan Barack Hussein Obama--a topic about which Republicans howl like the wind. Me? If the Danish, or Norwegians, or Swedish--whoever the hell it is that's making these things--can drop 15K on a bed, then call me Trotsky and bring on big government. I'm in.


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