Thursday, July 23, 2009

And, of course, Squid Vicious

This makes me smile:

I mean, it makes me smile in general. But more specifically, I like "Squid Vicious?" just beneath the Lloyd in the title. Likewise, just above his left shoulder, below my signature: "Lloyd, is that hair on your palm?"

I'm thinking (and I don't usually do this) about reentering the painting and doing something about his double chin. Not in an effort to make him look better. No. But there's something about it that bugs me. Probably the unrealisticness, if that's a word (obviously, it isn't), of the thing. I wonder if I could just let it fade into the sort of black that defines the shoulders of his jacket.

Other faves include: "Everyone remain calm. We're making money again" and, roughly, "If Goldman is such a shithole, how come everybody wants a job here?" This last one from memory, so no guarantees.

As much anxiety as I invested in painting that hand, nice that somebody saw fit to comment.

But "Squid Vicious"!?!? That's golden.


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