Thursday, July 23, 2009

73 Notes...

Behold the spectacle that is ...

"73 Notes to: Pedro Espada"

I'm still of the opinion that the concept is a strong one. I'm less convinced that Big Pedro is the most compelling embodiment of the concept.

Still, I'm going to bean away until I get my desired total of 73. 67 to go, by my count.

One of the problems is, nobody knows who the hell Pedro Espada is. I wonder if I should have done Hiram Monserrate instead. More memorable name, for sure. I wonder how things are on the island of Monserrat. I happened to pass it by one night in 1997, I'm thinking, on a cruise liner right after (if that's the right word--it's still erupting on to a degree) the eruption of the island's previously dormant volcano. Covered, as I understand it, two thirds of the island. I woke up the next morning and ran my hand along the ship's railing. A light dusting of volcanic ash. I never saw the island itself.

Anyway, if you have a note to offer Pedro Espada, let me know.



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