Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paul Tudor Jones

Did I ever tell you about the time Dave and I went to a basketball game at the John Paul Jones Center in Charlottesville to watch the old alma mater host Florida State? Well, to make a long story short, not only did we get to see Virginia win a tightly fought game with a long jumper--maybe a three--at the buzzer, but we got to do so in the luxurious confines of UVa's (at the time) brand new basketball palace. I'm thinking it was maybe five years ago.

Well, the guy featured in this piece is the guy who gave Virginia the cash to build the palace.

Warning--this is pretty addictive. I watched this one (the first of seven), then just sat on u-tube and watched the rest. In a weird sort of way, it was like watching them build the arena. Early stages. Sort of.

The video itself, just for the record, is an extreme rarity. Gawker, of all things, notes:
A 1987 PBS documentary about trader Paul Tudor Jones is now on YouTube. This is noteworthy because after it originally aired Jones, now a multi-billionaire, demanded its removal from circulation, a move that inspired ridiculous interest in the film.

The documentary, titled Trader: The Documentary, has become legendary over the years with finance people clamoring to see it, some paying hundreds of dollars online for VHS copies, in the hopes that they might glean some savory nugget of trading wisdom from Jones.

And Dealbreaker offers:

At some point over the weekend, Trader: The Documentary made its way on to YouTube, after it went out of circulation in the 90s and Paul Tudor Jones bought up all remaining copies. Those of you who listen to every damn word we have to say watched it yesterday, and probably got a kick out of PTJ's vintage shades and pet turkey who Jones thought of as a dog. But it wasn't just entertaining-- it was educational. For the more observant ones in the bunch who were paying close attention, the flick was filled with tips on how to get a competitive edge that, when put to use, could make you a mult-billionaire one day, too. For example, start every trading session with a couple Buds. And also, prominently display pics of scantily clad/nude ladies in your domain. Whoever tickles your fancy should do just fine, though if you want to do it "just like PTJ," someone please identify the lady above at this time. She looks familiar, but we're having difficulty putting our finger on it, and Jones has yet to return calls for comment.

This man needs a painting. Go Hoos.


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