Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Bobbsey Twins revisit the scene of the crime

This is what Paulson and Fuld look like after one day of annotation in front of the Old Lehman Building...

I wish I had more stuff on Paulson, but am pleased, given the circumstances, at the number of Lehman employee annotations on Fuld.

My two favorite green ones?

--You've been villainized unfairly. You, more than anyone, wanted Lehman to survive.
--Coffee guy say go to hell.

[Editorial note: As you can perhaps surmise, my criteria for the green pen is relatively liberal. "Coffee guy" is just that--the guy who ran the coffee cart in front of Lehman for, by his count, three years. He told me he got to know a ton of Lehman people and was depressed for weeks after 9/15.]

I'm going back today.


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