Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Full Paulson

As opposed to the Half Nelson, this is the Full Paulson:

Look at that big goober of red on the left side of the image. I think my opening annotation is going to read "Shit Happens" with an arrow pointing to the goober.

Pretty cool painting, if I do say so myself. In real life it doesn't look like he has such a hairlip, but the photography, as has been noted here before, does strange things. This is the result of Day 1, done for the benefit of BBC America. Plus my own benefit, I suppose. Plus the benefit of the world, if one believes that these paintings are important--all caps.

In any case, I would have worked more on it today but I need to leave something for tomorrow when they come back for a second session. I believe two days will be enough for this painting. Truth be told, one day (had I lettered in the title and dribbled on his shoulders) could have been enough.

Sometimes things go better than you expect.


Anonymous Will said...

I saw your Blue Paulson on BBCA & thought/think it looks alot like Crowley. Very nice Work btw.
93 93/93

5:34 AM  

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