Saturday, August 29, 2009

Now this is fun...

You may remember The Annotated Fuld (and really, who in the northern hemisphere, places like China not withstanding, doesn't?) ...

And now, here is The Reexamined Fuld, half way done...

Interesting. Much to say that is good. Am avoiding the usual mid-process nausea. Particularly like the idea that the left eye is significantly larger than the right.

Further to that point, the right eye better embodies the angry glare that drew me to the photograph I used. The left eye seems larger, softer--the eye of a man who has reexamined himself.

Thus the title.

Do you remember that scene in Gone With The Wind where Scarlett Johanssen has beaten the horse so hard it falls over, frothing at the mouth? That's how I felt after a day with the Frontline people yesterday. The whole thing you see above is the product of one day's work, albeit with the director (interestingly enough, the man who single handedly destroyed the VNR business with his expose of Bursen Marsteller/Bush White House communications hijinks) whipping me like a horse when I slowed down.

Anyway, the point of the story is that during our brief sit-down interview (a prelim for a more formal one to be done next month) he asked me if I thought Fuld was a changed man. I said, after first noting that I don't know the man at all and everything I had to say on the topic was speculation, no. People, by and large, are fundamentally who they are, and even cataclysmic changes in circumstance rarely change the essential being. Something like that.

And then I go and give him an introspective eye. Go figure.

This, for the record, is the left eye of Robert E. Lee--at least how I rendered it.

In some circles the man is still referred to as Old Bobby Lee. In others, Bobby the Butcher. Go figure.


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