Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Reexamined Fuld

How scary looking is this guy?

Dick Fuld was known for filling a room; was known for a level of intensity that, when properly focused, represented physical intimidation by a man who, albeit known as The Gorilla, was, in fact, not particularly physically imposing.

I can promise you, I could, in an age-adjusted way, take Dick Fuld to the hole. And he could glare all he wanted because his team was leaving the court and my team was waiting for next.
The best words ever uttered on a pick-up basketball court.

Did I mention that tomorrow morning the people from "Frontline" are sending a crew over to film me painting this very image, the image I've chosen to be "The Reexamined Fuld"?
Would you hyphenate that?
I don't know. I asked an acquaintance at the Wall Street Journal but she was steely in her silence.
Probably a bit of that journalistic remove business.
Just what I was thinking. But...
But what?
Well, there's that whole Mark Penn (him simultaneously holding the positions of president of Bursen-Marsteller and contracted columnist for the Journal) conflict of interest thing which the Journal seems to be sweeping under the carpet to the tune of a hundred conservative bloggers singing "Onward Christian Soldiers."
So one has to wonder at her reluctance to offer a bit of grammatical help.
One does. But...
But what?
But they're very fierce at the Journal.
They're like Massai warriors.
Exactly. But rife with conflicts of interest.
Did I also mention that I've gotten tied up all night and haven't applied a lick of paint to the canvas yet? Now granted, they are filming the painting experience, from A to zed, whatever that means, but still, I would have liked to have a bit of something in hand.


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