Sunday, September 06, 2009

The relative greatness of Eastwood

I'm sitting here watching "Flags of our Fathers," the Iwo Jima movie shot by Clint Eastwood thinking about how, push comes to shove, every movie we will ever see that involves a bunch of GIs storming a beach will be measured against the opening of "Saving Private Ryan."

Me? I'm just wasting time before the Pep Boys 500 starts. I root for Juan Pablo Montoya, sitting 22nd after qualifying but a comfortable 9th in the Sprint Cup Chase standings with just a couple of races to go. If you understand NASCAR you will understand what I just said. If you don't, you won't.

Additionally, because time (unlike life--which, as near as I can tell, is a series of circles...or something resembling a Slinky) is linear, I'm also waiting for the Beeb. That is to say, BBC America. Which, being British, is showing its disdain for the uniquely American holiday known in these parts as Labor Day by sending a camera crew to the Brooklyn Artists Gym to shoot me painting "The Revisited Paulson"--a companion piece to "The Reexamined Fuld."

Can't really blame them--I told them I'd be working on it anyway and that they might as well come along.

This, barring unforseen developments, is the image I'll be painting:

No wait, that's not it. That's the one I'm going to title "Dreams of the Efficient Market Hypothesis." This is Paulson...

I love how his head seems to be steaming. I have that effect on people.


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