Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Am Spartacus

I'm a big fan of attaching theistic intent to secular events. Thus, based on the following, God clearly wants me to paint Barack Obama and title it "I Am Spartacus":

1--I'm watching an old Seinfeld episode last night and they all go to see Spartacus.
2--Not two hours later (at loose ends, dear reader, due to the rain-out of the Mets game), I am watching the season finale of Justified (possibly the best thing on TV). The shack containing Raylen Givens (the hero) and two of his friends (it's more complicated than that) is surrounded by bad guys. They shout in something like "You can all go free; we only want Raylen Givens". Givens then shouts back "I am Raylen Givens." Seconds later, one of his friends shouts out "No, I am Raylen Givens." Banter ensues.

So, extending the idea to it's fullest, painting Obama would be, in the words of Lloyd Blankfein, "Doing God's work."

Consider this classic film moment:

All of which is fine.

But I'm gonna paint Tony Hayward first. Because Obama is going to be around for quite a while. I'm less sure about Hayward.


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