Saturday, August 28, 2010

Best Fi crash ever

With the high probability that the 2010 Belgian Grand Prix will be run in the rain tomorrow, I, as a public service, offer this--the best F1 crash ever. It too occurred in Belgium, some 12 years ago; apparently caused by one David Coulthard. Given that nobody was hurt just makes it good clean fun.

And, as an additional bonus, make sure you wait til around the 2:50 point to see Michael Schumacher rip his right front suspension clean off after slamming into the same David Coulthard's McLaren and then driving around the circuit on three wheels. This too is good clean fun, although once he gets to the pits he tears his helmet off and charges down to the McLaren stall with the presumed intention of kicking the hell out of DC.

Remember, dear reader, that violence rarely solves anything.

And, as a bonus, here's the layout of the circuit.

The coolest part of the course, and some would say one of the best corners in F1, is the little chicane about a third of the way down the main straight called L'eau Rouge (at least that's what it says here. I always said Eau Rouge). What makes it interesting is that you go down a hill then abruptly up another with the road twisting left then right, presumably without taking your foot off the gas.

Here's Jacques Villeneuve coming out of Eau Rouge after slightly misjudging his velocity.

No need to thank me.


Anonymous Mikhail Shoemaker said...

Methinks the commentary is Roosian, not Italiano! Dave the dastardly Englander will pay for his naughtiness in not moving off the racing line in heavy spray. Comrade Putin will take care of the Englander personally. The Englander will not prevail over Mikhail.

12:53 PM  

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