Friday, August 06, 2010

"This Ganja is Pretty Good"

Bob Marley, in a song called "Rat Race", once wrote, "In the abundance of water, the Fool is thirsty."
Rat race.

Rat race. That's the next line.


I thought your readers should know.

You're welcome.
A friend of mine once said to me that the problem with reggae music was "once you got past Bob Marley there wasn't much there." Although he has something resembling a point, it's an ironic one. There's plenty of there there (although you could argue that the greatness of reggae music is in its legacy rather than its reality). Anyway, clearly he'd never heard "Blackheart Man" by Bunny Wailer (Bob's old wailin' mate). Just to name one favorite.

All of which brings us to Wyclef Jean and his announcement last week of his candidacy for the presidency of Haiti. I'd vote for him in a shot. I can still remember that first Fugees album like it was yesterday. This is him, playing at an AIDS benefit:

I also like that he's a Strat guy.

Bob also wrote "One good thing about music... When it hits you feel okay." He was, I'm assuming, comparing it to the way it feels when, say, a night stick hits.

I think we need more politicians who aren't politicians. There are clearly exceptions. Sarah Palin jumps to mind. But, by and large, I stand behind the statement. Look at my boy Mike Bloomberg. Enough said. Nelson Mandela. Folks like that. People who are not fools.

Somebody wrote the title of this post in the upper-right hand corner of Cramer: Naked Short.

We can surmise that he's a ZeroHedge reader because it's written in green.
Rasta don't work for no CIA
I'm singing the song.
I thought your readers would enjoy it.
You're welcome.
Since we're all over it, here are the complete lyrics:
Uh! Ya too rude!
Uh! Eh! What a rat race!
Oh, what a rat race!
Oh, what a rat race!
Oh, what a rat race!
This is the rat race! Rat race! (Rat race!)

Some a lawful, some a bastard, some a jacket:
Oh, what a rat race, yeah! Rat race!

Some a gorgon-a, some a hooligan-a, some a guine-gog-a
In this 'ere rat race, yeah!
Rat race!
I'm singin' that
When the cat's away,
The mice will play.
Political voilence fill ya city, ye-ah!
Don't involve Rasta in your say say;
Rasta don't work for no C.I.A.
Rat race, rat race, rat race! Rat race, I'm sayin':
When you think is peace and safety:
A sudden destruction.
Collective security for surety, ye-ah!

Don't forget your history;
Know your destiny:
In the abundance of water,
The fool is thirsty.
Rat race, rat race, rat race!

Rat race!
Oh, it's a disgrace
To see the human-race
In a rat race, rat race!
You got the horse race;
You got the dog race;
You got the human-race;
But this is a rat race, rat race!
I'd love to know the definition of guine-gog-a.
(real time pause)
I actually Googled guine-gog-a. Came up with a bunch of stuff, but this was the most fun, even though it's completely off subject:

I'm calling it "The Tomato Can Strikes Back."
(real time pause)
Of course that was when I thought, in my haste to deliver breaking news to you, dear reader, that it was Buster Douglas throwing the punch. Herein, one might insert parenthetically, lies a cautionary note about the state of the media today.

But that too is a little off topic. Regarding boxing: Lennox Lewis was actually some version of the Real Thing. Rasta don't work for no WBA.


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