Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Liquidated Fuld

Are you aware that Sotheby's, on the evening of September 25th, will be auctioning the Lehman Brothers art collection?

There's no real reason why you should. I mean, the promotional campaign has yet to begin. But it's true, nonetheless. Take my word for it.

As for me? I plan to be there with the fourth and last of my Fuld paintings: "The Liquidated Fuld"

It will look something like this, albeit with the usual flourishes:

All this presumes that the weather will permit.

Further to the point, the way things work is that auction houses typically have a week or so of open viewing of the collection in their showroom. So the plan would be to stand outside Sotheby's, painting in hand (so to speak) and gather commentary from those going in and out.

I do like this picture. Christlike. The other cheek turned, as they say. That's a sad look in his eyes. "Liquidated?" he's thinking. 'I'll tear their lungs out!"

Some people never learn.


Blogger davidlefool said...

I found your blog a few months ago while searching "Big Dick Fuld." I was wondering if anyone else out there was as silly as I was. I mean, "Big Dick Fuld," that's something that a teenager would think up. "Small Dick Fuld" don't get any hits.

12:16 AM  

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