Thursday, October 21, 2010

Presented without comment, Volume 2

Comment #1--We are about half way there. One member of the Year of Magical Painting Commentariat wrote: "The boobs seemed to disappear from the first to the last. This is a problem." Remain calm and consider this:

First, just for the record, the "boobs" (to employ the writer's terminology) are already there. It's the nipples that are missing. And this, let me tell you dear friend, is the hardest part. It took me two weeks to summon the courage to apply the nipples on "Elena in the Morning"--one of my all, all time favorite paintings. And look how they turned out.

Comment #2--there is still work to be done on, among other things, the breasts, face, hand and the question of whether the panel behind her head should remain white. I'm of the school that says yes, but friends have suggested something a little softer.

Comment #3--But I am becoming extremely fond of this painting. I think I'm gonna write a bunch of stuff on the back (something I've been doing more and more of lately--a kind of private annotation of a public image) purely for the benefit of the subject/owner. Of whom I'm fond.


Blogger david1082 said...

Anna Chapman's Maxim exposé has gotten me hot under the collar recently. My "boobs" obsession will not abate, alas.

7:17 PM  

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