Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Presented without comment

Comment #1--Okay, I'm not presenting them without comment. I'm instead saying that, unlike the women in the fields that have had so many babies they just squat down and have them (this may be an urban myth but the image is compelling), most of my paintings are a struggle. Here you see one.

Comment #2--The painting has evolved considerably since then and I'm beginning to feel good about it.

Comment #3--Belay that. I always felt good about it. Just degrees of goodness, if you catch my drift.

Comment #4--I'm calling it "Woman with Roses". Which, as you can see, haven't been inserted as of this post but which now exist.

Comment #5--I'd post a more recent image but my camera is messing with me.


Blogger david1082 said...

The boobs seemed to disappear from the first to the last. This is a problem.

3:24 PM  

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