Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A woman walks up to me...

A woman walks up to me in front of Sotheby's. We talk a bit. She's an ex-Lehman person. She signs the painting then walks away. I turn my attention elsewhere. She then returns and says, "I think you should have this."

"This" being this:

It's a Lehman security pen. Every time you click open the pen a new message appears related to corporate security. They read, in clickable order:

--Don't e-Mail confidential information
--Guard client info as your own
--Don't share your password or PIN
--Secure or shred confidential info
--LehmanLive keyword: InfoSecurity
--Avoid laptop "shoulder surfers"
These are tips we should all live by.
Yes they are.
That said, I'm not comfortable with the capital M in e-Mail
Nor am I.
But don't let that ruin the moment for you.
I'm not.
Good. 'Cause that pen's now a collector's item.
Prolly worth a lot of money someday.
Prolly more than the painting.
What's that gross thing on your finger?
A Band-Aid. I cut my finger cutting a tomato the other night.
It hurt a good bit, but there is something to be said for that moment of crystalline clarity that you experience when the knife has stopped cutting the tomato and is instead cutting you--that half a second right before it starts hurting like a son of a bitch.
There's prolly some larger message about art in there, don't you think?
Yes I do.
Damned if I can figure it out, though.
I hear you, brother.
Great pen, though.


Blogger david1082 said...

I can but dream of the day a woman walks up to me.

Another helpful hint that could be on the pen:

--Don't use Repo 105 next time

9:15 PM  

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